Enabling Google's prototype homepage design

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Update: In my testing, it appears that either EditThisCookie or Google itself is removing the NID cookie when it is modified. This method may work for you, but only in certain circumstances.

The other day, I randomly stumbled upon a new design for Google’s homepage. Luckily, at the time, I was able to capture all the current cookies for my session and track down the specific cause of this design change.

To start off, you’re going need a desktop computer with Chrome and EditThisCookie. Make sure you give the extension access in incognito mode via chrome://extensions.

Now, open a new incognito window (Command-Shift-N / CTRL+SHIFT+N) and navigate to Google. Then, click on the cookie icon at the top-right of Chrome (it should be to the left of the three vertical dots).

Expand the pane labeled .google.com | NID, and underneath the pane you should see an input box titled ‘Value’. Copy the code below and paste it over the default-set value.


Reload the page, and if you are lucky, you should see Google Search turn into something like this

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Google ships this design sooner rather than later. While it has a few bugs, it is much cleaner than the existing design.

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