My blogging workflow

At the time of this writing, and perhaps for the foreseeable future, this blog’s posts are written in Markdown. There’s no WordPress, Drupal, or other CMS being used to generate this site; it’s all built locally on my machine and published to the cloud. Additionally, every change I make is saved with Git, so if I ever feel nostalgic, I can look back to simpler times.

I started taking this blog seriously more than a year ago on January 2016. However, it was until until two months after where I actually started blogging with Jekyll on GitHub Pages…

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A week Before The Night (2014)

For the past few months, I’ve been listening to various vaporwave artists on Bandcamp, such as Macintosh Plus (Vektroid), Blank Banshee, and Saint Pepsi to name a few. I’m not going to go into detail about what vaporwave is — for that, I recommend you check out this Wikipedia article. Anyway, during my amazing discovery of vaporwave around October, I came across a song uploaded to YouTube by the name of Resonance. As I do with any new song I like, I listened to it repeatedly (in this case, 20 times) before moving on. There was just so much emotion and feeling provoked from this one song — of which I craved more. However, since I was lazy, (and busy at the time) it wasn’t until a few weeks later that I properly discovered the artist behind it all, HOME.

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Moving from GitHub Pages to Firebase

Let me preface this by saying GitHub Pages is awesome. Really. If you use it, great! If you don’t, that’s also great! Don’t switch to or from Pages just because it’s new or flashy. Assess the differences yourself, and decide which service works the best for you.

The beauty of Pages is its simplicity. Powered by Jekyll, Pages enables you to generate a static site using gorgeous templates, or your own content, right from your GitHub repository and onto the web, using either the default domain, or a custom domain of your choosing.

So, why switch from GitHub Pages to Firebase? Well, it boils down to user control. There are some great Jekyll plugins out there that just can’t be used with Pages because of the tight restrictions. While my main sites will be gradually moving away from Pages, I don’t plan on ever making them closed source, or removing them from GitHub. Small projects like rko-site and width will continue to be hosted on GitHub Pages.

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Enabling Google's prototype homepage design

Update: In my testing, it appears that either EditThisCookie or Google itself is removing the NID cookie when it is modified. This method may work for you, but only in certain circumstances.

The other day, I randomly stumbled upon a new design for Google’s homepage. Luckily, at the time, I was able to capture all the current cookies for my session and track down the specific cause of this design change.

To start off, you’re going need a desktop computer with Chrome and EditThisCookie. Make sure you give the extension access in incognito mode via chrome://extensions.

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